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Visit to Spectral office - Leed Platinum rated Building


About Spectral (Now AECOM India)

Dr. Prem C. Jain founded Spectral Services Consultants Private Limited in 1980 on the value proposition of embracing green buildings in India and was the first non-U.S. firm to have its projects achieves the internationally recognized LEED Platinum standard.  Spectral currently is responsible for 16 LEED Platinum rated buildings.

Dr. Jain has mentored and nurtured this organization by his sheer will and unrelenting passion. More than 1000 projects spanning domains such as commerce, hospitality, health care, IT and aviation are a living testimony to his entrepreneurship.


Site Visit

Building Engineering & Management department at SPA for years has been privileged to have Dr. P.C. Jain as an eminent part of its teachings. For decades many batches of this course have embraced the culture Mr. Jain brings with him. Once again he put his step forward and provided an opportunity for students of BEM to visit the LEED Platinum rated Spectral office (Now AECOM India) at Noida.

There Mr. Varun Potbhare, Sustainable Project Consultant (Spectral Building Engineering Department) and also a visiting faculty at SPA took the responsibility to guide us through our visit. He started by inducing an interactive session on ‘sustainable buildings’ involving him, our batch and few analysts at Spectral.

After this green makeover of our thoughts, we were taken around for a building tour. We got a firsthand experience on practical application of green building solutions like efficient water cooled HVAC system, reuse of STP treated water in landscaping and cooling tower, automated lighting system, simulated roof skylight designed over atrium for optimal day lighting, thermal insulations, solar heaters, roofing of high solar reflectance and so on.

This was followed by few presentations on scope, implications, costing and know how about sustainable buildings. We were introduced to concepts like ‘net zero’ and ‘net positive’ buildings and how they are the right way to proceed in coming future. Some parts of these presentations directly focused on clearing the misconceptions about green buildings being cost intensive and showed how some efficient and optimal designed buildings recovered their extra cost within 2-3 years of their running. We were also familiarized to how some government bodies in India are also taking a step forward towards promoting green buildings.


Moving Forward

BEM will always admire Dr. Jain’s selfless efforts and the pain he takes to nurture a generation of knowledgeable and competent professionals. Though my association with BEM fraternity has just started but I feel that Dr Jain’s effort is not going futile as our alumni today is a driving force in AEC industry of India and abroad. All such initiatives inspire us to improve the way we design, build and manage our built fabric for the coming future.




About Author

The above post has been contributed by Ar. Ishan Puri ( of second year who was part of the group that visited Spectral LEED Platinum rated building.


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