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Seminar on New Chapter on Sustainability in NBC

About the Seminar

The one day Seminar launching the New Chapter on Sustainability in National Building Code of India 2005, a jointly organized event by Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi and School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi was held on between 0900 am and 1800 pm on Tuesday, the 5th of March 2013, at the school auditorium in IP Estate.

Inaugurated by Chief guest Shri H S Dogra, Chairman, Civil Engineering Division Council of BIS Advisor (Transport) & Former Director General (Works), CPWD, the programme primarily provided a platform to highlight and exchange views on various provisions in the new chapter being brought out in NBC 2005 named 'Part 11 Approach to Sustainability' a draft of which was then under wide circulation for eliciting public comments.


Key Speakers

Chief spokesmen of the day were Shri Sanjay Pant, Director (Civil Eng.), BIS, Dr Prem C Jain, Convener, BIS Panel for Sustainability, Shri E Devendar, Scientist ‘G’ & Chief (Standardization), BIS and Prof Chetan Vaidya, Director, SPA.

It was called for an intended audience comprising of Construction Professionals such as Civil/Structural Engineers, Architects, Building Services Engineers, Consultants, Project Managers, Project Management Consultants;  officials, engineers, architects and town planners from local bodies including municipalities, municipal corporations, development authorities, town and country planning departments; PWDs, Housing Boards and other construction departments of Govt and Public Sector; Private construction agencies, builders and developers and all others associated with building planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, repairs, retrofitting and building administration, students and researchers and faculty in Civil Engineering and Architecture, etc.


Seminar Themes

The Programme organized comprised 10 sessions with keynote speakers from across the section of the BIS Technical Committee including but not limited to Director of BIS, Vice Chairman of the National Building Code Technical Committee of BIS,

Sessions commenced with an Overview of NBC 2005 with reference to the then proposed New Chapter on Sustainability conveyed by Shri Sanjay Pant, Director (Civil Engineering), BIS.

The key speakers addressed subject matters which formed the main sections of the Part 11 of the National Building Code on Sustainability and they were in the order as the following:

  • Concepts and Philosophy for Sustainable Buildings by Dr Prem C Jain, Convener and Panel member for Sustainability chapter of NBC 2005

  • Approach to sustainability including Siting, form and design in NBC 2005 by Shri. V Suresh, Vice Chairman and National Building Code Technical Committee of BIS

  • External development and landscape by Shri Ankoor Singhvi, Convener and BIS Working Group on External Development and Landscape

  • Envelope Optimization by Ms Mili Majumdar, Convener, BIS Working Group on Envelope optimization

  • Materials by Ms Sheetal Rakheja, Convener and BIS Working Group on Building Materials

  • Water and Waste management by Shri Sandeep Goel, Convener and BIS Working Group on Water and Waste  Management

  • Building Services Optimization by Shri Ashish Rakheja, Convener and BIS Working Group on Building Services Optimization

  • Constructional practices, Dr V K Paul, Convener and BIS Working Group on Building Services Optimization

  • Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance and Building Performance Tracking by Shri Sanjay Seth, Convener and BIS Working Group on Commissioning, operation, Maintenance and Building Performance Tracking

The sessions allowed the attendees to raise questions about the sections within the new chapter, which were answered to by the key members of the BIS Working Groups for Part 11.


Department’s Involvement

The students from the Batches of 2011-13 and of 2012-14 under the guidance of Prof Dr Virendra Kumar Paul of the Department of Building Engineering and Management volunteered and contributed to the successful hosting of the Seminar at SPA’s ITO campus auditorium.

The event saw several eminent attendees from across the region as well as nation and also the location of the event being SPA campus saw the presence of many of the Department’s alumni from as early as the beginning batches of the department.


About Author

The above post has been contributed by Ar. Aiswarya Sreekumar ( ) of second year,  who was part of the group that volunteered for the hosting of the seminar.

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