Department of Building Engineering and Management, SPA New Delhi

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Facilities in Campus

Lecture room

A classroom needs to be equipped for creating an atmosphere of learning and research amongst the students. To serve these two functions, our classroom has a library and Internet connectivity, thus getting the information to the students at the same place of discussion and study. Moreover our lecture rooms are equipped with projection equipment for audio video presentations, which are an integral part of the method of teaching.


Computer lab

BEM maintains a computer lab on the Campus. Updated systems with latest software and highly maintained facility help us with information and research for our course. We have, dedicated faculty to teach us various software related to construction industry, like those related to project planning, project risk analysis, energy simulation software, building information modeling etc.


Canteen & stationary

College canteen provides resort to students after class. We have highly maintained canteen facility serving clean and nutritious food at very subsidized cost. It provides for plenty of informal sitting spaces providing a relaxing environment.

Also, to assist us in our presentation and submissions, we have a stationary and printing shop located in the canteen area. Prints for students are at subsidized rates.



The College Auditorium is a unique venue that plays an important role in both campus life and the life of BEM students. Being the largest on-campus facility, the amphitheatre design and wide stage is suitable for music/dance concerts, special lectures and college festivals.

It is the site of commencements, convocations, and high profile seminars. The Seminars have brought to campus a remarkable variety of former heads of state, entrepreneurs and eminent Project Management Professionals.



The SPA Architecture Library is one of the oldest and biggest college libraries in Delhi. It stocks books, journals, magazines, dissertations, rare books, reports, government documents, back files of newspapers, and a prized collection of student thesis works.  We have advanced our web activity with the subscription of a high quality electronic databases being made available through campus network to teachers, students and research scholars. Its modular and functional style fulfills the purpose of a planned Library.

The Library is centrally air-conditioned and is equipped with in house computer and communication facilities. The reference collection of the Library is being continuously updated.


Sports facility

Located in the heart of the college premises, the Sports facilities in architecture block include Volleyball court and table tennis section. The Sports facilities on the planning campus include a basketball court along with outdoor badminton court, which are just a walking distance away from department of BEM.


Open-air theatre

To provide a boost to the co-curricular activities and other various cultural functions, an Open-air theatre is there for the use of students. It is situated in the core of the college campus and serves the need for cultural functions, exhibitions and open classrooms. 


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