Department of Building Engineering and Management, SPA New Delhi

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SPA has two hostel complexes located in the Planning Building at IP Estate and Maharani Bagh. While female students are exclusively accommodated in the hostel at IP Estate, the hostel at Maharani Bagh, an integral part of Residential Complex, offers facilities for both boys and girls. Both the hostel complexes have mess arrangements, medical facilities, TV rooms, gym facilities, etc. There are a limited number of guest rooms in the Maharani Bagh Hostel. Both the hostels have offices supported by necessary administrative, maintenance and caretaking staff to look after the daily requirements of hostel residents. Both the hostel complexes have round the clock security personnel to ensure safety and security of the residents. However, the School has limited hostel accommodation, which is offered only to outstation students based on the availability of seats and in accordance with hostel rules.

The Honorary Hostel Advisor, Hostel Warden and Deputy Wardens are senior members of the faculty who along with the Hostel Management Committee are responsible for the efficient management and maintenance of order and discipline in the hostels. Hostel Advisor Prof. Neerja Tiku and Hostel Warden Mr. Parag Anand, Asst. Prof. Industrial design, are currently managing the hostels with the valuable assistance of a number of Deputy Hostel Wardens. 

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SPA Hostel at Maharani Bagh