Department of Building Engineering and Management, SPA New Delhi

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About Delhi

About Delhi

Delhi is the Capital of India, and the Second largest metropolitan city in India. It is the Seat of government and a center of influence. Being an Industrial & IT Hub, Delhi is an education center par excellence and represents the best in the country.

It is the cultural center of India, making it a dream destination for students. A host of dance, music and theatre performances from all parts of the country are held routinely. Delhi offers a variety of cuisines and a large number of restaurants serving Indian & Mughlai food. As a major entry point for India many major international flights go through New Delhi. It is also extensively connected by air, road and rail with the rest of the country, and also boasts of an extensive transport network within the city, with various public transport options such as the Delhi Metro, the DTC bus system, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws and taxis.


Average Monthly Expenses:

Public Transport :     About Rs.500/month. A monthly bus pass from DTC is available at Rs. 115/month. Delhi Metro also offers Smart Cards for Rs.100.

Accommodation :     About Rs.3500-4000/month. A host of PG's and Hostels  are available.

Food                   :     About Rs. 2500-3500/month.